Woodworking with Irenee

Vayando Woodworking with Irenee.jpg

Rate: $35 per person
Duration: 3-4 Hours
Number Per Booking: 1 – 5
Languages: Kinyarwanda, French
English Language: High
Difficulty: Low
Meet At: Irenee’s Woodshop
Available: Monday – Sun
Start Time: 10:00am

My work is to help meet the demand for high quality Rwandan wood products and to teach young people how to overcome poverty by being job creators, not job seekers.
— Irenee
Come spend some time woodworking with Irenee, aka Magic Hands! Ireene will show you his workshop, his finished pieces, and things he’s got in the works. He’ll share with you his background as a woodworker and what it means to him.

You’ll have the chance to work directly with Irenee as he helps you create a piece such as a candlestick holder, tea tray, picture frame, etc. to take home with you. If you’re an experienced woodworker, Irenee would love to hear about your work and some of the techniques in your repertoire.

Irenee had dreams of opening his own woodworking and carpentry company for many years. Eventually, he left his job leading up the carpentry department at Nyamata Technical Secondary School and pursued his dream. Irenee works directly with his clients to carry out their woodworking designs, or creates unique pieces based on their needs. His business is small but growing, and he hopes to eventually have both a workshop and a showroom.

The nickname “Magic Hands” was given to Irenee by former colleagues, and “it means someone who can start with something like timber and change it into something usable, like magic!”

Irenee has worked on a wide range of carpentry projects. He’s especially proficient in interior home projects like pool tables, sofa beds, bunk beds, wardrobes, cupboard and living room accessories, TV stands, and office furniture.

The activity is something that people of all ages and skill levels can participate in.

Irenee will have everything you need to visit his shop, learn about his work, and make a small wood piece of your very own.

Bring a camera and your good will to learn about woodworking in Rwanda with Irenee. If you’d like something custom built, bring ideas or your sketches!

Woodworking with Irenee